West 468
Master West 468
First appearance The City of Gold and Lead
Species Master
Occupation Scientist
Portrayed by John Woodvine (Voice)

West 468, or simply Will's Master was the Master Will was assigned to serve during his infiltration in the Tripod City. West 468 was a relatively friendly master who had great interest in the history and biology of Earth.


Early lifeEdit

Not much is known of his early life, but it is known that West 468 was among the Masters to be sent from Trion to look for new planets to colonize. They discovered Earth and conquered it, setting three bases in the form of Tripod Cities. West 468 settled in the one in Germany.


Like many Masters, West 468 utilized capped human slaves selected in annual games. For a period of four years, at some point, he was served by George. When George became too weak to serve him, West 468 chose a new slave among those who had been selected to enter the city. Intrigued by Will's peculiar nature, he chose him.

West 468 went through some effort to make Will more comfortable, and didn't mind his inquisitive nature. He would tell Will of Trion and the history of the Tripod Invasion. He was kind to Will, and only once intentionally hurt him.

At some point, however, he discovered that Will had been drawing plans against the city and examined the cap of his slave. Unable to suspect deception, he was fooled by Will and struck in his weak spot. This resulted in his death.


West 468 was a very curious Master, who was interested in life on Earth and studied it in great detail. He took advantage of Will, whom he thought to be simply an overly curious slave, and talked with him often.



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