Vagrants are people with whom the Capping process failed, thus causing them to become mad to a varying degree. In The White Mountains, Will theorized that this might be a result of the capped individual having a weak mind, or by contrast a strong one that resisted capping until it broke under the stray.

Vagrancy commonly begins to show around a few days after Capping. People who become Vagrants are shunned by the rest of the society, causing them to become nomads. They travel between villages and every once in a while stopby for a short period of time. Vagrants usually travel alone and are not seen around un-capped people.

The attitude of people towards Vagrants vary. In some places they are pitied and sometimes even cared for by bringing them food. In other places they are deeply hated and discriminated. People have been known to display violence against Vagrants.

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Vagrants in Episode 4: France: July, 2089 AD

In the episodes France: July, 2089 AD and France: October, 2089 AD of the TV Series, groups of Vagrants are encountered who, unlike most Vagrants, act violently towards un-capped humans. This is a deviation from Vagrancy as it was established in the books, for Vagrants in them were described as relatively harmless and always solitary, never in groups.



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