United States of America
United States of America


Washington D.C.


English (de facto)

The United States of America, also known as the United States or simply America, was a large country in North America.


The United States of America declared independence from the British Empire in 1776, and was recognized as an independent country in 1783.

During the Tripod Invasion, America was one of the first three countries to be visited by tripod scouts; the other two countries visited were the Soviet Union and United Kingdom. The American military surrounded their tripod and waited. Their tripod later self-destructed by itself.

Sometime later in the invasion, the American government ordered that the capped were to be shot on sight by the police and army. This was ultimately futile, as America eventually succumbed to tripod control as with most of the world.

It is unknown what became of the United States after the war. The human resistance had members from America, which means the country still existed during tripod rule. However, it is unknown what form of government the new America had. In Europe the people lived as during the middle ages, under absolute monarchies. The United States, however, was a republic from its inception, so the Masters would either have to have invented an American monarchy or allowed the country to remain a republic.

During the Conference of Man, the American delegation walked out of the conference after Julius was voted out of power. The American head delegate declared "The history books told us this was what Europeans were like, but we did not believe them. Well, we believe them now. [...] We have a continent of our own, and can look after ourselves."

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