United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also known as Great Britain or simply Britain, was a country in Europe. It was one of the first countries to be targeted in the Tripod Invasion.

History Edit

The United Kingdom was founded in 1707 as a union between England and Scotland. Ireland was added to this union in 1801. The United Kingdom was a constitutional monarchy.

During the Masters' invasion of Earth, the United Kingdom was the location of one of three initial Tripod landings; the other two landings were in the United States of America and the Soviet Union. The Tripod scout in Britain destroyed and examined a farmhouse immediately after it landed, an event witnessed by Laurence and his friend Andy. Soon afterward it was surrounded by the military. It was approached by an army tank playing classical music, and then was destroyed by fighter jets after crushing the tank.

Later on in the invasion, hypnotized fans of the The Trippy Show rioted in support of the Tripods, and many Trippies left their families to go and live in Trippy communes. These hypnotized people helped build and distribute rudimentary caps during the second wave of the invasion.

Britain slowly fell into civil war between free men and the Capped supporters of the Tripods. The capped were eventually victorious, as with almost everywhere else in the world.

It is unknown what became of the United Kingdom after the Tripods conquered Earth. Will Parker referred to his home country as "England", which suggests that the United Kingdom no longer exists. In any case, under Tripod rule the British Isles (and in fact all of Europe and probably the world) lived as they did in the middle ages. The King of England was once again a monarch with absolute control, although the monarchy was of course capped and subservient to the Tripods.

Britain was liberated from Tripod control when the human resistance destroyed the Tripod City in Germany.

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