The Tripods
The Tripods

Written by

John Cristopher (books)
Alick Rowe (series 1)
Christopher Penfold (series 2)

Directed by

Graham Theakston
Christopher Barry
Bob Blagden


John Shackley
Ceri Seel
Jim Baker


Ken Freeman

Country of origin

United Kingdom


English, French, Italian, German






Richard Bates

Original run

15 September 1984 - 23 November 1985

The Tripods is a television adaptation of John Christopher's The Tripods series of novels. It was jointly produced by the BBC in the United Kingdom and the Seven Network in Australia. The music soundtrack was written by Ken Freeman.

Series OneEdit

Series one was broadcast in 1984 and contained 13 half-hour episodes written by the well-known author of many radio plays Alick Rowe. It covers the first book of The Tripods trilogy, The White Mountains.

Series TwoEdit

Series two was broadcast in 1985) and contained 12 episodes. This series covered the second book of the trilogy, The City of Gold and Lead.

Series ThreeEdit

Series three was supposed to cover the final book of the trilogy, The Pool of Fire, but despite a television script having already been written, it was cancelled due to high production costs and insufficient ratings.


A DVD release of the series one and two was released on 23 March 2009. A soundtrack album named The Tripods: Pool Of Fire Suite by the original composer Ken Freeman was released at the same time.

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