"Do you think I'm pretty, Will?"
— Shelagh Vichot to Will, Episode 10: France: September, 2089 AD

Shelagh Vichot
Shelagh Vichot
First appearance Episode 9: France: September, 2089 AD
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation None
Family Madame Vichot (Mother)
Monsieur Vichot (Father)
Jeannie Vichot (Sister)
Fiona Vichot (Sister)
Helen Vichot (Sister)
Kirsty Vichot (Sister)
Lucy Vichot (Sister)
Portrayed by Maria Evans

Shelagh Vichot is one of the daughters of the Vichot Family. She tried to get close with Will when he resided with the family along with Henry and Beanpole. Her efforts were met with little success due to Will's still-lingering grief over losing Eloise.


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