Mrs. Parker
Mrs. Parker
First appearance The White Mountains
Species Human
Gender Female
Family John Parker (Husband)
Will Parker (Son)
Portrayed by Lucinda Curtis

Mrs. Parker is Will's mother and John Parker's wife. Like most people, she was capped and thus obedient to the Tripods.


Mrs. Parker was most likely born and raised in Wherton. She was capped at some point in her teens and married John Parker. The two had a son, Will, and raised him while doing their daily chores and honoring the Tripods. Mrs. Parker was present at Jack's capping. Soon after, Will left home and Mrs. Parker was left to read his farewell note. Due to the influence of the cap, Mrs. Parker's reaction to this was relatively mild and mostly confused. She was not featured anywhere in the story after this.


Mrs. Parker comic

Mrs. Parker in the comics.

Mrs. Parker is very shortly featured in both the books and the TV Series, so information on her personality is scarse. Due to the cap she wore, she was placid and fully obedient to the Tripods.



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