Madame Vichot
Madame Vichot
First appearance Episode 9: France: September, 2089 AD
Species Human
Gender Female
Family Monsieur Vichot (Husband)
Jeannie Vichot (Daughter)
Kirsty Vichot (Daughter)
Lucy Vichot (Daughter)
Shelagh Vichot (Daughter)
Helen Vichot (Daughter)
Jeannie Vichot (Daughter)
Daniel Montagon (Son-in-law)
Portrayed by Anni Lee Taylor

Madame Vichot is the mother of the Vichot Family.


Madame Vichot originally came from Scotland. According to herself, she travelled a lot in different countries and collected souvenirs, until she was capped. She met a man in France and married him, later having six daughters with him.

One day Will, Henry and Jean-Paul arrived at the vineyard, Will being badly injured. Though reluctant to have them in her house at first, Madame Vichot agreed to help Will and offer a place to stay for the boys in exchange for some help with collecting grapes. During this time, she told them that her capping had not been a success as she still retained some sense of wonder and curiosity.


Madame Vichot liked travelling as a young girl. Even after she was capped, she retained some sense of wonder, which was perhaps a glitch of the Cap. Madame Vichot was quite hospitable and friendly, and showed skills at empathy and guidance.


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