John Parker
John Parker
First appearance The White Mountains
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Mill-worker
Family Mrs. Parker (Wife)
Will Parker (Son)
Henry Parker (Nephew)
Portrayed by Peter Dolphin

John Parker is Will's father and Mrs. Parker's husband. Like most people, he was capped and thus obedient to the Tripods.


John Parker was most likely born and raised in Wherton. He was capped at some point in his teens and married Mrs. Parker. The two had a son, Will, and raised him while doing their daily chores and honoring the Tripods. John worked at a mill. John was present at Jack's capping. Soon after, Will left home and John was left to read his farewell note. Due to the influence of the cap, his reaction to this was relatively mild and mostly confused. He was not featured anywhere in the story after this.


John Parker is very shortly featured in both the books and the TV Series, so information on his personality is scarce.



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