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Ruined Paris.

France is a country in Europe, where mainly French people reside. In the first book of The Tripods trilogy, The White Mountains, Will Parker, Henry Parker, and Jean-Paul "Beanpole" Deliet travel through France on their journey to the White Mountains. They explore the ruins of Paris during part of this journey.


France was taken over by the Capped sometime during the Masters' invasion of Earth. When Will, Henry, and Beanpole explore Paris they find grenades and rifles inside a subway, which suggests there was a war between the Capped and free men in France during the invasion.

Once the Tripods took control, all the major cities were abandoned and destroyed and French people went back to living like in the middle ages, as happened in almost all of the world. France also once again became an absolute monarchy, and the nobility was reinstated. In The White Mountains, Will fell in love with a French noblewoman named Eloise during his stay at the Chateau de la Tour Rouge.

After the liberation of the planet from Tripod control, a French delegation attended the Conference of Man. There, they were accused of plotting to cause disorder by the Germans, and the German delegate warned that the German army and air force were ready to go to war with France if necessary. This suggests that France and Germany have become enemies in the post-Tripod world.

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