Complete episode guide for The Tripods TV Series.

Episode Date Aired Title Description
1 15 Sep 1984 A Village in England: July, 2089 AD Will meets a strange vagrant that tells him the truth about capping, and a place in The White Mountains for free men. Will and Henry decide to leave their village to find it.
2 22 Sep 1984 England: July, 2089 AD Will and Henry meet up with the vagrant, Ozymandias, who gives them a compass and a map to help them on their way. But, first they must find a boat captain who will help the two runaways cross the channel to France.
3 29 Sep 1984 The English Channel: July, 2089 AD Will and Henry eventually make the crossing to France only to be arrested on their arrival. In jail they meet a new friend who promises to help them escape, and join them on their trip to The White Mountains.
4 6 Oct 1984 France: July, 2089 AD Will, Henry and their new companion, Beanpole, continue on their journey by way of an abandon Paris.
5 13 Oct 1984 Chateau Ricordeau, France: July, 2089 AD Nursing a head injury, Will is taken in by a friendly family. Henry starts to question whether Will wants to continue on their journey, after he falls in love.
6 20 Oct 1984 Chateau Ricordeau, France: July, 2089 AD Henry and Beanpole go on their own, after Will decides to marry the daughter of the people who took him in.
7 27 Oct 1984 Chateau Ricordeau, France: August, 2089 AD Henry and Beanpole continue on their trip, wondering if Will will catch up with them later. Meanwhile, Will is dealt a shocking blow by his rival for the love of Eloise.
8 3 Nov 1984 Chateau Ricordeau, France: August, 2089 AD Will decides to leave the Chateau Ricordeau behind, so he can rejoin his friends in the search for the free men in The White Mountains.
9 10 Nov 1984 France: September, 2089 AD After having a narrow escape from a Tripod; Will, Henry and Beanpole stay at a vineyard to rest.
10 17 Nov 1984 France: September, 2089 AD The boys stay on to help at a vineyard until after the grape harvest. When time comes to continue their journey, they find it hard to leave their new found friends.
11 24 Dec 1984 France: October, 2089 AD Will, Henry and Beanpole, driven by hunger, steal food from a village festival and find themselves in trouble.
12 1 Dec 1984 France: October, 2089 AD Escaping many dangers since the vineyard, the boys finally come within sight of The White Mountains.
13 8 Dec 1984 The White Mountains: November, 2089 AD Will, Henry and Beanpole reach The White Mountains, only to be captured by the Black Guard once again.
14 7 Sep 85 The White Mountains: 2090 AD The Boys are in the White Mountains training to be in the Tripod Games. Julius will select the winner.
15 14 Sep 85 Travel Our heroes have been chosen to be in the Tripod's Games. Now they must journey to Germany to reach the Stadium.
16 21 Sep 85 Will Is Arrested Will is arrested after a fight while drunk, Beanpole is missing, and Fritz may head for the Tripods games without them. Will and Beanpole end up on the run from Goetz.
17 28 Sep 85 Help From Friends With some help from Zerlina and Papagena, Will and Beanpole make their escape from Goetz. They make it to the stadium just in time for the Tripod games.
18 4 Oct 85 City of Gold The games are over and Will and Fritz are chosen to go to the City of Gold, but Beanpole is left behind. The city seems escape proof.
19 11 Oct 85 Will Is Made a Slave Fritz is made a slave beneath the City of Gold. Will is made a slave of Master 468, an alien who belongs to the same race that created the Tripods.
20 18 Oct 85 Hunt for Eloise Fritz is promoted from a slave to the Power Elite. He meets and becomes friends with Pierre. Will wants to find Eloise.
21 25 Oct 85 The City of Gold Will and Fritz become more aware of what the Masters have planned for the Earth. They are brought to the Pool of Fire where they meet Cognosc, one of the most powerful creatures in the City of Gold.
22 2 Nov 85 Blessings of the Cognosc The Cognosc reads Will mind and knows why the boys have infiltrated the city.
23 9 Nov 85 The Cognosc Departs Will's master becomes suspicious of Will and tries to check Will's cap. Will kills his master and attempts to leave the City by an underground channel.
24 16 Nov 85 Escape From the City of Gold Fritz chooses to stay behind in the City, and Beanpole saves Will from drowning in the channel during his escape. The boys make their way to a nearby town and hide from the Black Guards in Ali Pasha's Circus.
25 23 Nov 85 The Forest of Death Will and Beanpole pretend to be clowns in Ali Pasha's traveling circus. Their goal is to inform men everywhere of what the Masters are going to do to the Earth. Ali soon double-crosses them and intends to give them to the Tripods for capping.
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