"Chateau Ricordeau, France: July, 2089 AD"
Series 1, Episode 6
Episode 6 picture 1
Episode 6
Air date 20 October 1984
Adapted by Alick Rowe
Directed by Graham Theakston
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Chateau Ricordeau, France: July, 2089 AD
Chateau Ricordeau, France: August, 2089 AD

Chateau Ricordeau, France: July, 2089 AD is the sixth episode of Series 1.

Plot SummaryEdit

Henry and Beanpole try to convince Will to leave the Chateau Ricordeau with them, but Will's bond to Eloise is growing. Even the arrival of a Tripod does not deter his decision to stay behind while Henry and Beanpole leave. Will tries to talk Eloise into leaving with him later on, but discovers that she is capped.

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