"France: July, 2089 AD"
Series 1, Episode 4
Episode 4 picture 1
Episode 4
Air date 6 October 1984
Adapted by Alick Rowe
Directed by Graham Theakston
Episode Guide
The English Channel: July, 2089 AD
Chateau Ricordeau, France: July, 2089 AD

France: July, 2089 AD is the fourth episode of Series 1.

Plot SummaryEdit

Having escaped the Black Guards, Will, Henry and Beanpole continue their journey towards the White Mountains. On their way they discover a railroad and are fascinated by a primitive train operating on steam that passes them by.

Travelling further, the boys arrive in the deserted Paris, where they discover many wonders of the ancients, including cars and weaponry. The trio is attacked by a group of aggressive Vagrants and Will sustains head injury. Henry and Beanpole try to find help when they are found by people from the Chateau Ricordeau.

Filming locationsEdit

  • Airfield control tower - Radlett Field, Frogmore, UK
  • Subway station entrance - Intersection of Cornhill and Threadneedle St., London, England, UK
  • Chateau Ricordeau - Saltwood Castle, Hythe, Kent, UK



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