"England: July, 2089 AD"
Series 1, Episode 2
Episode 2 picture 1
Episode 2
Air date 22 September 1984
Adapted by Alick Rowe
Directed by Graham Theakston
Episode Guide
A Village in England: July, 2089 AD
The English Channel: July, 2089 AD

England: July, 2089 AD is the second episode of Series 1.

Plot SummaryEdit

Having left home, Will and Henry are pursued by a group of mounted men. They are given a compass, map, money and travel directions to the White Mountains by Ozymandias, who is captured by the pursuers. The two young travellers reach the sea and the village of Rhymney, looking for Captain Curtis. Grabbed by some sailors in a pub, they locked aboard a ship, they are told that they are bound for Africa.

Filming locationsEdit

  • Rhymney - Charlestown Harbour, Charlestown, Cornwall, UK




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