"I won't think twice to drop someone off who's out of line."
Ulf, Episode 15: Travel

Series 2, Episode 2
Epiode 15 opening
Episode 15
Air date 14 September 1985
Adapted by Christopher Penfold
Directed by Christopher Barry
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The White Mountains: 2090 AD
Will Is Arrested

Travel is the second episode of Series 2 and the fifteenth episode of the TV Series.

Plot SummaryEdit

On their way to the Erlkonig, one group of the freemen chosen to compete in the games pause by a river. Two Tripods appear from the forest and chase the group, killing them. Only Will, Beanpole and Fritz remain as contestants. They are led by Henry and another freeman to the Erlkonig and depart under Ulf's command.

In the boat, the boys realize that Ulf's wife, Petra, is seriously ill. Ulf refuses to let them help, however, due to her fear for the mission. During the trip, the engines get stuck, but Beanpole fixes it.

The Erlkonig lands at a port town and Ulf goes out to take care of business. Meanwhile, Will and Beanpole secretly help Petra, giving her herbs to heal her. They later go and look for Ulf, who has been gone for a long time, in the port town. Fritz threatents to assume command of the boat and leave without them if they are not back by dawn.

While Ulf returns to the Erlkonig on his own, Will runs into trouble in a tavern, being forced to drink beer and engage in a fight. Losing his temper, Will beats his challenger and is taken prisoner in The Pit.

Filming locationEdit

  • Ship graveyard - Purton Ship Graveyard, Purton, UK
  • Basel docks - Victoria Basin of the Gloucester Docks, Gloucester, UK
  • Württemberg docks - Lydney docks and harbour, Lydney, UK
  • The Pit - Town Hall Square, Unterseen, Switzerland

Connection to the novelsEdit

The episode uses chapter 2 from the book The City of Gold and Lead as a basis, but adds several things to it. One major added scene is the Tripod attack at the beginning of the episode. The episode also introduced Petra, Ulf's wife, who never appears in the novel. Other than these added scenes, the episode follows the novel quite closely, with Will's fight in the tavern and his imprisonment in the pit at the end.




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