"France: September, 2089 AD"
Series 1, Episode 10
Episode 10 picture 1
Episode 10
Air date 18 November 1984
Adapted by Alick Rowe
Directed by Christopher Barry
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France: September, 2089 AD
France: October, 2089 AD

France: September, 2089 AD is the tenth episode of Series 1.

Plot SummaryEdit

All is peaceful on the Vichot's Vineyard, save a Tripod passing by on its way to the City of Gold. Will tries to convince Henry and Beanpole to leave with him, when Madame Vichot enters and invites them to look at her old collection of rare artifacts from around the world. She tells that her capping process must have been defective, for she still retains some creativity and wonder.

Henry and Beanpole have grown to like some of the girls of the vineyard. However, they decide that they must leave. A farewell party is held for the boys before they leave to continue their journey.

Filming locationEdit



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