Milky Way


The sun

Earth is the planet with great biodiversity where the human species evolved among billions of other organisms. Earth is located in the Milky Way galaxy, in the solar system. Earth is the third planet from its star, the sun. Its distance makes it possible for liquid water to exist on its surface, thus creating ideal conditions for water-based lifeforms.

During their space explorations, the Masters found and decided to conquer and colonize Earth due to its similarities to Trion, especially the fact that it was a water world like their own. They succeeded in defeating the human race even though they had superior military might, by mind controlling them through a TV program named The Trippy Show. The Masters held human kind under control for over a century until they were defeated by several human resistance groups.

Though similar to Trion, the Masters had to overcome some differences like the lower gravity and air that was toxic for them. They built the Tripod Cities in order to mimic natural conditions for them. The Masters also sent a space ship with the necessary xenoforming equipment to turn Earth's atmosphere breathable to them, thus killing all native life. The ship retreated upon finding that the Tripod Cities had been destroyed by humans.

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