The Conference of Man was an international meeting held three years after the defeat of the Masters, in a former resort near the top of Jungfraujoch mountain, Switzerland.

The ConferenceEdit

The Conference was intended to discuss the rapid redevelopment of the technology of the Ancients, and how to avoid conflict and war between nations in the post-Tripod world.

During the conference Julius was voted out of power after a speech by Pierre accusing him of being a dictator, and the conference fell into disarray. The American, Chinese, and English delegations immediately walked out of the conference. Soon afterward, the German delegation declared that Julius' defeat was because of French plotting, and warned that the German army and air force were ready for war.

After the conference's collapse, Will Parker, Jean-Paul Deliet, and Fritz decide to give up their respective hobbies and become advocates for worldwide peace and freedom.

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