Ceri Seel
Ceri Seel
Born 1 January 1968 in Llangorse, Wales, UK
Nationality British
Played Beanpole

Ceri Seel was the actor who played as Beanpole in The Tripods TV Series.


Before his role in The Tripods, Ceri Seel acted in the TV Series The Bagthorpe Saga. After acting in The Tripods, Ceri Seel did not continue acting. Later in his life he became a practising Buddhist, who currently lives in London. He now lives in Bristol where he teaches Media at the Grange School in Warmley. Mr. Seel was a teacher at Sir William Romney's School in Tetbury, where he taught English and drama to secondary school students in 2017-2018.

Alleged deathEdit

The Tripods fandom was shocked when it was reported in 24 August 2002 that Ceri Seel was dead. This rumor persisted for almost two years, even at the Internet Movie Database. In 2004, however, he reported himself to be alive to his former castmate Jim Baker. The circumstances of this false message, the reasons for his disappearance and where he was in those two years, however, are still unclear. He was believed to be in Scotland for those 2 years, unaware of the rumours of his death.

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