Captain Curtis
Captain Curtis
First appearance The White Mountains
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Sailor
Portrayed by Harry Meacher

Captain Curtis is an uncapped man who transports young runaways across the English Channel.


To be written.


Captain Curtis comics

Captain Curtis in the comics.

In The White Mountains, Curtis is portrayed as a likeable character who conveys Will and Henry across the English Channel and keeps them safe from the Tripods. However, the Curtis of the TV Series stands in great contrast to the figure portrayed by John Christopher in the books, making him an altogether different character. He is more like a mercenary and a rogue, whose only concern is profit and his own survival. When Will and Henry encounter him, he seems to run a for profit bussiness carting young uncapped people, as well as Vagrants, to France. It is unclear what purpose the transportation of Vagrants serves, possibly he was paid by capped administrators to remove them from their towns and villages.

Curtis's character and morals seem to be known to Ozymandias who describes Curtis in less than favourable terms: "Captain Curtis is paid to look after you, you'll just have to trust him. He has a false cap like mine but how he came by it I'd rather not know".



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