First appearance Episode 14: The White Mountains: 2090 AD
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation None
Family Brigitte's Mother
Brigitte's Father
Portrayed by Karen Seacombe

The Tripod about to take Brigitte for capping.

Brigitte is a Swiss girl who was scared of the capping until the procedure was completed.


Brigitte lived in a village in the Alps. Eventually she turned 16, which meant that it was her time to be capped, along with two boys in the same village. Brigitte was very scared about the capping and struggled against her parents when the Tripod arrived. She was cappe, however, and immediately became docile.

Later, when the Tripod Cities were destroyed, Brigitte was released from the control of the cap like everyone else.


Nothing is known about Brigitte's personality. She was only seen in a fearful state due to Capping Day.


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