First appearance Episode 14: The White Mountains: 2090 AD
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation None
Family Pierre (Brother)
Portrayed by Alisa Bosschaert

Anne was a freeman.


Anne, at some point in her life, escaped The Capping to join the freemen on the White Mountains with her brother Pierre.

One day, when Anne and other freemen were stealing food from a Swiss village, they were spotted by a Tripod that began chasing them. Pierre volunteered to create a distraction so the others could get away, drawing the attention of the Tripod and being flattened by one of its feet as it caught up with him. Anne returned to the freemen's hideout with the others, filled with grief. Her grief was addressed in the meeting where the contestants for the games were chosen.


Anne had clear concern for others, as demonstrated when she witnessed the capping of Brigitte and sympathized for her, almost seeming unwilling to leave her to her fate.


TV SeriesEdit

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