First appearance When the Tripods Came
Species Human
Gender Male

Andy was an English boy who was one of the first to encounter a Tripod with his friend Laurence. He was later one of the founding members of the human resistance on the White Mountains.


While on a camping trip with his friend Laurence, Andy witnessed a Tripod arrive and attack a farmhouse, abducting a man. It wasn't long before the military arrived and, after failing to communicate peace with the machine, destroyed the Tripod.

Later The Trippy Show hypnotized several people to worship the Tripods as they began their invasion. Feeling threatened, Andy fled England with Laurie and his family to Switzerland, where the free people held out for some time before being capped themselves.

Andy and his friends became the first people of the human resistance in the White Mountains.


Not much is known of Andy's personality.



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